Save Time + Money By Simplifying Your Laundry Routine

Chemical-Free Cleaning Solution

Clean Without Detergent, Hot Water, Bleach Or Softeners

LaundryPure Cold Water Laundry System

Ensure that you aren’t absorbing anything from the fabrics you touch, which helps you to avoid the allergic reactions that can be caused by detergents. Based on processes used for over a decade in hospitals, hotels, and laundromats, LaundryPure 2.0 infuses cold water with hydrogen & oxygen-based molecules to lift dirt and grime from cloth fibers, leaving clothes brighter and cleaner.

“My kids are into lots of sports, but my youngest has a lot of skin sensitivities. Almost every detergent makes him itch like crazy. So I love the idea of being able to use only cold water and my LaundryPure 2.0 to get our clothes clean without using chemicals.”

– Marlena M.

The Smart Solution For Doing Laundry

LaundryPure Is Perfect For People Who:

  • Are busy and don’t have time to wash clothes several times to get stains out

  • Are sensitive to detergents

  • Want to eliminate chemicals from their laundry

  • Want brighter, softer clothing and linens


Just put your clothes in the washing machine, set for cold water only, and turn your washer on.


LaundryPure easily connects to your existing washing machine without modifications.


Cold water only (energy savings) and no detergent bottles to throw away (no plastic waste).

Pays You Every Time You Wash

See How LaundryPure Works:

Why You Will Love LaundryPure:

  • Saves you money on costs of detergent and softeners

  • Eliminates allergic reactions and skin sensitivities due to chemicals in detergent and fabric softeners

  • Makes your clothes and towels softer by reducing buildup from detergents and softeners

  • Cleans the inside of your washing machine where detergents and mildew tend to collect, grow mold, and mix in your wash loads

  • Gives you whiter whites and brighter colors without bleach

  • Extends the life of your clothing

Experience A Clean Like You Have Never Known Before

We Took Ten New Towels To The Wash:

The towels on the left were washed five times with a popular laundry detergent.

The detergents are weighing the towels down. Imagine a lifetime of wash cycles.

The towels on the right were washed five times with LaundryPure and cold water.

With LaundryPure, the towels are fluffy and the colors look like new.

Get Your Personalized Health Solution

Note: LaundryPure 2.0 reduces or eliminates the need for laundry detergent. While many users find that LaundryPure 2.0 alone effectively cleans their laundry, you may find it necessary to pre-treat or use a reduced amount of detergent. If you find that pre-treatment is necessary, we recommend using Re:Move from Vollara. If you decide to use detergent, you should use about 1/8th the amount you previously used before your LaundryPure 2.0 purchase.

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